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The Butcher’s Kitchen, Suntec City: Flaming Beef Bowls Gimmicky but Good


Incepted in 2003, The Butcher at Holland Village is your one-stop shop for gourmet products such as steaks, chops and sausages as well as sauces and delicatessen. The butchery prides itself on purveying meats that are free of antibiotics and hormone promoters. It has opened a restaurant outpost called The Butcher’s Kitchen at Suntec City, whose claim to fame is flaming beef bowls.

The Butcher's Kitchen Suntec City Flaming Bowl Wagyu
The Butcher's Kitchen Suntec City Flaming Bowl Wagyu
The Butcher's Kitchen Suntec City Flaming Bowl Wagyu with Truffle
The Butcher's Kitchen Suntec City Flaming Bowl Pork Bowl

The concept of the flaming beef bowls is rather gimmicky. The meat, imported from Hokkaido, was doused with cognac. A few scooshes and the small flame blazed up, though blink and you would miss this action — I had expected more of a head-turning spectacle, with waitstaff carrying flaming bowls aloft like guards carrying Cleopatra in a palanquin, but this was more of a sputter. Or at the very least, something reminiscent of the magical Goblet of Fire concoction at Harry Potter-themed café Platform 1094.

That said, the rice bowls were delectable. Each portion of rice was seasoned with Japanese furikake. The Flaming Premium Wagyu Beef (S$23.90) came with thinly-sliced meat draped over the rice, topped with a puddle of mayonnaise. Truffle is my weakness, so The Butcher’s Flaming Dice with Truffle (S$15.90) was a real treat. The cubes of beef were incredibly tender, imbued with that familiar piquancy of the subterranean fungus. With both bowls, there were remaining gouts of cognac that pooled at the bottom, and so there was an intoxicating finale; it was not necessarily pleasant for this non-cognac drinker.

For non-beef eaters and teetotallers, there are other options such as The Butcher’s Pork Bowl (S$12.90) and The Butcher’s Salmon Bowl (S$13.90). The free-range pork, hailing from Western Australia, was accompanied with a moreish spicy-sour Thai-style sauce. Prick the onsen egg and let the runny yolk coat the meat and rice.

For the price, the portions are not huge, though justified by the fact that high-quality meats are being used. Hence, come here on days when you prefer a meal of indulgence to one purely for sustenance.

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The Butcher’s Kitchen
Address: Suntec City North Wing, #02-472, Singapore 038989
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm; 5pm – 9pm (Mondays to Fridays)
11am – 9pm  (Saturdays and Sundays)


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