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Pizza Arc: Hidden Gem in Yishun Doles Out Pretty Decent Pizzas


This is a PSA: In the quiet backwater of Yishun, there is a hidden-gem pizza joint that offers decent pizzas, many of which amalgamate Asian flavours with the Italian classic: Pizza Arc. And if personal disdain or the sheer travelling distance dissuades you from visiting this neck of the woods, no worries — Pizza Arc delivers to every part of the country as well!

Generosity is a trait of Pizza Arc; every pizza was brimming with a cornucopia of ingredients, and that already was a score (I mean, pizzas with a smattering of ingredients are an instant disappointment, no?). Another win: The pizza crust was fluffy with a nice crusty edge just slightly blistered. The Cheesy Cheese (S$15.90/large) was a highlight. Jutting upwards were boluses of cream cheese that had partially melted into the pizza crust, the presentation almost like hot bubbling volcanic lava. The savoury punch of seven types of cheeses was amped up by the tomato sauce’s subtle sweetness. The Chicken Fajitas (S$10.90/regular) was a testament to the generosity I alluded to; titivating the entire pizza was a confetti of Cajun spiced chicken, sliced button mushrooms, green peppers, fresh tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and shreds of onions, whose acidity cut through the heat and tang of the other ingredients. No inch of the pizza was left au naturel.

Pizza Arc Yishun Ring Road Cheesy Cheese Pizza
Pizza Arc Yishun Ring Road Chicken Fajitas

Not for the fainthearted is the Sambal Chicken (S$15.90). The sambal of a deep maroon had me clamouring for many mouthfuls of water, its potency further kicked up by the jalapeño peppers, red chilli and green peppers. Though my heart was willing, my brain stopped me from going for seconds. This is one for those who can take spicy food very well.

Pizza Arc’s offerings are good, its prices even more attractive. The most expensive mainstays belong to the twelve-inch Premium Pizza category, and they go at only S$15.90. The next time you are hankering for pizzas and wish to order in, be sure to consider Pizza Arc.

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Editor’s Note: I first profiled Pizza Arc on 19 July 2018. In a bid to improve the overall quality of the content on this website, I retook and uploaded new photos of the pizzas on 7 January 2019. Being new to photography (and being not the sharpest tool), I completely missed the fact that Pizza Arc is in fact a halal-certified pizza joint, and erroneously placed two beer bottles in the background as decorative props. Many apologies for this glaring misrepresentation, and lesson learnt.    

Pizza Arc

Address: Blk 236 Yishun Ring Road #01-1020 S760236

Operating Hours: 4.30pm – 9.30pm All days except Wednesdays


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