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LE Castella: Sponge Cakes that Twerk Like a Corgi’s Butt


I perambulated the thoroughfares of Tam Tsui, a rancid aftertaste haunting my palate. I had just downed my first — and last — stinky tofu, my hands clutching on to the bag containing the remnants. I looked for a garbage bin, which seemed to be a rarity in Taipei, Taiwan.

Le Castella | Singapore

I came to a street eclectically lined with hip cafés, rustic shops purveying Taiwanese street snacks, and makeshift market stalls on the edge of the road. Just then, a most pleasant aroma greeted my nose, expunging the harrowing stinky-tofu episode from my memory. I was still quite a distance from the shop where the aroma emanated, and that transcendent perfume of freshly-baked goods was already potent. It belonged to batches of sponge cakes.

There was a snaking queue outside the shop, and being a lazy person I did not want to spend hours in line. I did feel a tinge of regret missing the chance to savour this popular cake, which was why I met the news of LE Castella’s debut in Singapore with glee. And no, I still have not shed my indolence; I had the help of a LaborMe tasker to get the cakes for me!

There are two available flavours: Original (S$9.90); and Cheese (S$11.90). The crust was a beautiful brown, etched with the brand’s logo. Black speckles differentiated the cheese version from the original. Jiggly and cottony the cake was, the sight of which for me was like a corgi’s round derrière. I enjoyed the cheese-flavoured cake — no big surprise there. There were two orangey layers of cheese that punctuated with a salty accent.

Each block of cake measures 23cm by 13cm: The employee charged with divvying the cake uses a ruler to guide him, very much like a carpenter marking his measurements on wood. The cakes will make a great addition to any tea or coffee session. Here’s hoping the brand will enjoy longevity!

LE Castella Singapore

Address: #B1-32, Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily



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