Of wanderlust, faraway places and getting lost in revelry.

Cape Agulhas: The Confluence of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans

Arriving at Cape Agulhas, the first thing that hits you is the ferocious wind. The barrelling gust lends power to the rogue waves crashing against... Read More

Nærøyfjord: The Fairytale Inspiration for Frozen’s Arendelle

It is almost impossible to fully imbibe Nærøyfjord’s dramatic grandeur. At every turn, you feel hemmed in by its infinite allure. Lofty cliffs rise over... Read More

Being One with the Elephants at Addo National Elephant Park

Addo’s sky ere dawn was a curtain of black, vast and starless.  On this particular Friday, I had woken up early to prepare for a... Read More

Experiencing The Magic of Victoria Falls, The World’s Largest Waterfall

Zimbabwe was hot, and ambling even short distances in the sun was unbearable. I was at first reluctant to travel to the sovereign state, as... Read More

A Surreal Moment: Witnessing the Northern Lights in Person

After a 13-hour flight to London and five-hour layover in Heathrow Airport, I was in the air again, bound for Reykjavik, Iceland. I sat in... Read More

Bucket List: Face-to-Face with the Great White Shark

“I’ll think about it.” “You’ll do it? Great!” Cindy, my Earthstompers tour guide with an electrifying charm, and I were at Salina’s Beach Restaurant, Wilderness.... Read More

Iceland’s Waterfall of Thieves Þjófafoss Will Steal Your Breath

Nature’s pool of true-blue cyan. To see it in person is a privilege. Þjófafoss, or Thjofafoss in English, is the epitome of ethereal beauty. Only via... Read More

Strokkur, Iceland: T Minus 8 Minutes to Splendour

Plumes of mist billow like smoke from fire, the rugged terrain swathed in brown resembling a village pillaged and raped. Silver streaks of water weave... Read More

Reynisfjara, Iceland: Black Sand Beach a Wonder of the World

“Do not go near the water,” Hawk our tour guide implored, the usual dulcetness of his voice suddenly evicted. Like a herald of woe, he... Read More

Bucket List: Conquer Acrophobia at Auckland’s Sky Tower

Feet planted on a glass floor. The elevator's homed. Dark, very dark. A whirring sound grew in strength, soon drowning out any laboured breath or cry... Read More