Of wanderlust, faraway places and getting lost in revelry.

Plane Spotting at Changi Beach, Singapore

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Inside One of Sri Lanka’s Many Sea Turtle Conservation Centres

In Sri Lanka, there are many identikit conservation centres for sea turtles, which were handed over to the operators by fishermen. At some point, the... Read More

The Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Unveiled in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, also nicknamed the Coathanger, measures one hundred and thirty-four metres in height and over five hundred metres in... Read More

Luring a Giant Sea Turtle to Shore at Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka

Chaminda peeled off his shirt, revealing a lean physique sculpted not in the gym but through arduous activities. Gripping a smattering of seaweed, he marched... Read More

Dansel: The Beautiful Sri Lankan Tradition of Giving

A young boy stood by the road, brandishing and waving a flag, beckoning us to pull up to the driveway. “They’re giving away free food... Read More

Symbio Wildlife Park, Sydney: Pet Plush-toy-cute Koalas and Feed Inquisitive Wallabies

Two koalas sat perched on tree branches, their silver coats juxtaposing their ochre homes: Willow and Imogen are their names. Although it was already nine... Read More

Sydney’s Chinatown at 9pm

Unlike many of Australia’s streets, Sydney’s Chinatown continues to pulse with a sleepless energy even as day segues into night. Here is a confluence of... Read More

Up Close with the Elephants at Kaudulla National Park, Sri Lanka

“We’re not heading to Minneriya National Park anymore,” said Dulshan my tour guide. “The elephants have migrated to Kaudulla National Park.” This was a fact... Read More

Bundala National Park, Sri Lanka, Has a Diverse Ecosystem That Offers Much to See

After winding stretches of road flanked by bushes, shrubs and trees on both sides, the path bent eastwards and opened to a vast clearing. Even before... Read More

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka: Just as Hope Dies, the Leopard Appears

Nine in the morning, the weather in Sri Lanka was blistering, unforgiving even. Here I was, two hours into a game drive, traversing Yala National... Read More