"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child

Colony at Ritz-Carlton Millenia Will Leave You Spellbound

What is this magical place we've stepped into? Enter Colony and immediately the seductive British-colonial romance permeating the restaurant pulls you in. Singapore's heritage cuisines are a muse here,... Read More

Hai Tien Lo Weekday Dim Sum Buffet: Sublime Food, Five-star Experience!

Dainty, exquisite dim sum. Each pleat attests to the chef's finesse, honed over long years. Comforting and heartening, each mouthful of dim sum harks back... Read More

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Delivery: Yes, It’s Real and What You Need to Know.

It began with the little things. The lift door automatically opening as I approach it. iTunes rotating the track list to play the song that I…

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Tenkaichi’s Free Flow Wagyu Beef Is Too Good to be True, But It Is!

It's just so entrancing to watch your food cook before your very eyes. The sizzling symphony that ensues when meat meets grill; that instant suffusion of pink when... Read More

Tsukada Nojo: Luscious Collagen Hotpot for the Vainpot

Man, I feel like a woman! That upbeat Shania Twain tune was an earworm the whole time I was at Tsukada Nojo. After all, I... Read More

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot: An Upscale Restaurant That’s Earned Its Price Point

Mention steamboat restaurant and the thought of mosquitoes flitting from ingredient to ingredient, and death traps in the form of slimey oysters strewn on a slippery floor conjures... Read More

Tanuki Raw Charms with Its Truffle Yakiniku Don

Is there any aroma more wonderful than that of truffle? That thought conjured as I ensconced myself in Tanuki Raw and the truffle-perfumed scent teased my…

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Live Life on the Edge, Pan Pacific

For buffet cognoscenti, deciding which restaurant to head to is like making Sophie’s Choice. Those that offer a cornucopia usually disappoint with their insipid mainstays….

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