"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child

The Boneless Kitchen: Meatless Korean Dishes That Are an Utter Delight

Meatless Korean dining at first sounded to me like an asinine idea, one that panders to the whims of snobby organic-food eaters. But one trip... Read More

Run by Special-needs Trainees, APSN Mystical Café for All Doles Out Affordable, Tasty Grub

Step into APSN Mystical Café for All and immediately your spirit gets lifted by the congenial interior, characterised by white vortex side chairs and distressed... Read More

Deep-fried Soba the Highlight at Soba Specialist Nadai FujiSoba Ni-hachi

Mention “soba” and one immediately thinks of Japan, bustling streets lined with traditional restaurants and stalls purveying sushi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and the like, a sleepless... Read More

Chu Tang, DUO Galleria, Offers Hearty Cuban Sandwiches

Some five hundred years ago, the Taíno tribe created the first Cuban sandwich. The primordial version featured casabe, a kind of crispy flatbread made from... Read More

Want a Taste of Peruvian Cuisine in Singapore? Head to Tono Cevicheria.

“Training for Machu Picchu,” I chuckled as I wrote the photo caption on Instagram Story, impressed by my own wit. Only I, gluttonous with an... Read More

Chen’s Mapo Tofu: Tuck into a Marvellous Bowl of Mapo Tofu Atop Japanese Short-grain Rice

The history of mapo tofu is an interesting one, dating back to the Qing Dynasty. The creator of the dish was (widely accepted to be)... Read More

Vegan Restaurant & Bar HRVST by Kilter Avenue Gave This Proud Meat Lover an Identity Crisis

There are some things I know for sure: On a sunny day, the sky is blue, grass green and air crisp. I know also I... Read More

Tim Ho Wan: Still a Great Dim Sum Place after All These Years

In 2009, Chef Mak Kwai Pui left Lung King Heen, the world’s first Chinese restaurant to be awarded the maximum three Michelin stars, to set... Read More

Alati Skewers: First in Singapore to Offer Xinjiang-style Lamb Skewers

When I was in Toronto, Canada, I did a food tour with Danny of The Local Vibe Tours Toronto, and we scoured Scarborough for the... Read More

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant: A Glimpse into the Way of Life in the Birthplace of Hitsumabushi

We have seen it all before: A food trend takes Singapore by storm, and many restaurants spring up in its wake. The Japanese dish du... Read More