"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child

Cheese Story Mookata: An Affordable Seafood Indulgence

“Wow, both of you smell really good. The smell is making my stomach growl,” said my taxi driver. No, he was not making inappropriate advances... Read More

Impeccable Meal and Service at Wu Lao Guo Elixir Health Pot, Taipei

“I could have dinner at Wu Lao Guo (無老鍋) every night,” said my sister, as if it were the best thing since sliced bread. Such proclamations,... Read More

Tasty Offerings at Haráru Izakaya, Singapore’s First Muslim-Owned Izakaya

“I can’t seem to find the location,” said my taxi driver after navigating the narrow one-way roads and missing many turns. I did not begrudge... Read More

LE Castella: Sponge Cakes that Twerk Like a Corgi’s Butt

I perambulated the thoroughfares of Tam Tsui, a rancid aftertaste haunting my palate. I had just downed my first — and last — stinky tofu,... Read More

Bangkok Street Mookata (Woodlands): A Guilty Pleasure for Lunch

There is something about Mookata that I cannot resist. The concept is simple enough: You either grill the ingredients or add them to a pool... Read More

A-ONE Claypot House: Mainstays that Warm the Heart

“Don’t you know that you’re toxic?” sang a disembodied voice overhead. Not that I minded it, but an English pop classic felt somewhat incongruous with... Read More

Assemble Your Café-hopping Buddies at Factory Cafe

There seems to be a dearth of (decent) cafés in northern Singapore — it is almost as if we were forgotten by the food gods. That... Read More

Orchid Live Seafood’s Lobster Porridge is the Original, and Oh So Heavenly

“Bah Soon Pah Road …” my taxi driver parroted, a note of hesitation in his voice. After a minute of back-and-forth discussion, he suddenly hollered... Read More

OosterBay: An Exquisite Seafood and Sashimi Feast at Home

In my humour article “Why You Should Never Travel”, I whined about how one of the worst aftermaths of travelling is that you can no... Read More

Ollella’s Choux Will Make You Go Ooh La La

After I ordered Ollella’s choux via, a thought flitted into my mind. Are the pastries going to survive the bumpy ride? Each choux comprises... Read More

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