"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child

5 Worthwhile Hotel Buffets That Will Leave You Pot-bellied and Happy

My earliest memory of buffet indulgence was heading to Pizza Hut with my band mates, gorging on slices after slices of Hawaiian pizza. I like... Read More

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory, Johor Bahru: A Newfound Love for Banana Cakes

When I was a young strapping Military Policeman deployed in MINDEF, there came one day when a female civilian contractor traipsed in with a box... Read More

There Is Now a Tendon Specialist in Northpoint, Yishun: Akimitsu. Think Huge Tempura, and Unagi Tendon.

I had an insatiable hankering for tendon after visiting Tendon Kohaku, SORA, T2, Changi Airport. While I am aware of all the other household names... Read More

Fall into an Induced Food Coma at Japan Gourmet Hall Sora, T2, Changi Airport

I have always loved being at Changi Airport. The adrenaline rush before a flight; the comforting sense of home after a vacation. But because I... Read More

Kuro Maguro: Fresh Sashimi on a Bowl of O’ So Sweet Rice

My fellow diner Azny and I were on a food mission: We had to savour the signature offerings of all six restaurants at SORA, T2,... Read More

Addictive Tempura at Tendon Kohaku, Changi Airport

Tempura is poetry. The cadence of dousing an ingredient in batter, and a flick to remove any excess. The sizzle when the ingredient, now coated... Read More

Oishii Okonomiyaki at Tsuruhashi Fugetsu, SORA, Changi Airport

As it was laid on the table, I immediately associated okonomiyaki with rösti, the sustenance I had every other day during my three weeks in... Read More

Menya Takeichi: Just a Spoonful of the Collagen-rich Broth Makes the Medicine Go Down

As I disturbed my bowl of spicy miso broth, the topmost gelatinous layer cracked, like broken ice sheet on a frozen lake. This film of... Read More

Hawkerman: A Confluence of Tenderfresh, Warong Kim’s and Ah Boy Popiah

In the past, a trip to the post office for me was always dreadful. My neighbours deciding to throng the small space the same time... Read More

East Bistro: Stewed Crab Soup with Crispy Rice and Handmade Dim Sum Warrant a Visit

East Bistro is part of the Jalan-Tampang jumble, sharing the space with the flagship White Restaurant doling out wet white bee hoon; café Common Chefs;... Read More