"People who love to eat are always the best people." Julia Child

Hungry for Unapologetic Rebellion? Get Acquainted with Little Bastard

As a Caucasian with a preference for fiery fare and the brilliant inter-mingling of flavours made famous by Peranakan sensibilities, I was drawn to Little... Read More

The Cheese Ark Is a Turophile’s Disneyland

I spotted a yellow neon sign that read “this way to rare cheese”, and my dogged hunt to find The Cheese Ark in PasarBella’s maze... Read More

My Last Meal on Earth Could Have Been at GRUB, and I Would Have Been Okay with That

Right before their executions, prisoners on death row get to request for a special meal. I have always wondered what I would put in my... Read More

Keith Crackling Roast: Pork Crackling So Beautiful (and Sublime) It Should Be in a Museum, or My Mouth

Few times in my life the words “oh my God”, wrought of unbridled bliss, escaped my lips when I ate a dish: The first time... Read More

Sedap Dan Sihat: Fresh Seafood and Flavourful Meats at This Halal Steam-potting Restaurant

Vapour plumes escaped the lid, billowing like steam emanating from a geyser. In Iceland I was not; rather I was ensconced in the nearly-four-month-old Sedap... Read More

Ming Mun: Elusive Roast Goose Found in a Coffee Shop

When I was in Switzerland bereft of access to passable Chinese food, the memory of roast meats — oh, the sweet, glistening skin! —  haunted... Read More

fArt tArtz (Junction 9): Grilled Flatbread Burgers, Red Caviar Mentai Pasta & Flower-potted Mud Tarts Dazzle

The last time I typed sentences in alternating capitals and lower cases I was an insecure fourteen-year-old, though I do believe the habit du jour... Read More

April’s Bakery: Beautiful and Imperfect Handmade Pies of Many Colours

One of my favourite Taiwanese pastries is the suncake, which has its roots in Taichung. Subtly-sweet filling comprising maltose encased within flaky crust that comes... Read More

The Raclette Factory, Zürich: How Have I Lived Without Authentic Swiss Raclette?

"So do you drape the melted raclette over beef steak?” I asked inquisitively. Marion, my Airbnb host, raised her eyebrows and took a pregnant pause,... Read More

elemen: Colourful, Flavourful Vegetarian Dishes That Just Might Convert a Carnivore

Growing up in a Buddhist family, there were occasions when I have to tuck into vegetarian dishes. Think a plate of vermicelli, topped with greasy accompaniments... Read More