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INSPIRE | Amazing People, Amazing Stories

Edmund Khong Professional Clowning Singapore

Edmund Khong on the Business of Clowning, Making Children Laugh, and Overcoming Gaming Addiction

Clad in loud overalls of eye-popping colours, Edmund Khong is hurling multiple balls into mid-air with ease and dexterity. Free falling, each ball lands and sticks onto his “helmet”, like ...
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Lisa Teng | Inspire Christianity

Lisa Teng: How Caring for the Elderly Allows Her to Answer Her Calling as a Christian

Lisa Teng is lying on a bed fitted with white cotton-polyester bedsheet. Only laboured staccato breaths she draws, her life whittling away as a dandelion bracing the onset of a ...
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Down but not defeated: Swindled of her million-dollar fortune, Ginny Low gains second wind by working as a cleaner, and for the first time in her life

Swindled of Her Fortune, Ginny Low Gains Second Wind by Working for the First Time in Her Life

Singapore five decades ago is markedly different from what she is today. Rustic kampong houses dotted the streets of Bukit Merah. Gangsters with thick gold chains slung around their necks ...
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Saving Street Dogs Dr Siew Tuck Wah

Dr Siew Tuck Wah on Breaking the Poverty Cycle, Saving Singapore’s Street Dogs and Finding Buddhism

When he was studying in medical school, Dr Siew Tuck Wah would, come mealtime, ostensibly say he had a prior appointment and steal away from his peers. Embarrassed that he ...
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Nathan Russell Carves Out His Own Niche as a Glacier Guide

Raindrops are pounding on skin like bullets on armour. The vagaries of Franz Josef’s weather are at work again, and the onset of rain sours hopeful glacier hikers yearning to ...
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Karlee “Willow” Davies on Finding Her Calling as a Tour Guide

The sun’s golden shafts pierce the mackerel clouds. New Zealand is one of the first countries to welcome a new morning. An eclectic posse of guests throngs the cosy lounge ...
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HUMOUR | Laughter is the best medicine. So let me be your doctor. No, even better. Your pharmacist.


How to Channel Your Inner Adele. Literally.

Adele is back and the world is turned upside down. Unlike a certain female singer who's off the deep end, Adele came in like a tidal wave. Her single, "Hello", is ...
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How to Vote. Literally.

2015 will forever go down as a bewitching year for politics. Wait, did I say ‘bewitching’? I meant ‘bewildering’. All around the world the political landscape is changing. Somehow, Donald ...
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How to Be an Airbnb Guest

How to Be the Perfectest and Awesomest Airbnb Guest

“Don’t take candies from strangers, and definitely don’t follow them into their homes.” So went the advice our parents gave us. Today, thanks to Airbnb, we happily travel thousands of miles ...
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How to be a Karaoke Star. Literally.

So you think you can scream? Think you should be on The Noise? Here are some tips that will transform you into the rightful karaoke star that you are born ...
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I’m Scared to Turn 30

I was born in 1986. That means if I were Taylor Swift releasing an album in 2016, I wouldn't name it after the year I was born. Or if I were ...
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An Open Letter to Mr Icelandic President: Banning Pineapples on Pizzas is Unconstitutional

Dear Mr Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, I read with utter dismay today that you would unapologetically and very surely issue a ban on pineapples as a pizza topping. I’m writing this ...
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TRAVEL | See The World’s Marvels

Oeschinen Lake Kandersteg Switzerland

Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland, Is an Oasis of Calm

I ambled along the coastline, slowly approaching two suspicious males stealing furtive glances. In what seemed to him as an opportune moment, the half-dressed male, of a lean and cut ...
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Qingjing 487 499 Step Trail | Taiwan

[Photo Essay] The 499-Step Trail in Cingjing, Taiwan, That Only Has 487 Steps

After roaming about the sprawling Qingjing Farm, advancing and retreating numerous times and getting lost in the woods, I finally, by good fortune, came to the start of the 499-step ...
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Qingjing Farm | Nantou County

[Photo Essay] Qingjing Farm Teems with Adorable Sheep and Blossoming Trees

A thick fog lent an ethereal quality to the two-thousand-metre-high Qingjing Farm, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan, and I felt as if I were lost in mysterious reverie. Lush, majestic ...
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Lake Bachalpsee | Switzerland

One for the Postcard: Switzerland’s Picturesque Lake Bachalpsee

I stood rooted at the tip of the forked road; First Cliff Walk by Tissot on my left was wrapped in a thick fog. The easterly wind kept blowing, and ...
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Seljalandsfoss Waterfall | Iceland

The Picturesque Icelandic Waterfall Seljalandsfoss Makes a Splash

I ambled towards Seljalandsfoss, my collar upturned and hood shielding my hair from the icy-cold shower. Even with my jacket zipped all the way up and a shawl wrapped around ...
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The Rhine Falls | Switzerland

The Rhine Falls: The Spellbinding Music of Europe’s Largest Plain Waterfall

There is a bird sipping on the water of the Rhine Falls, carefreely, unmoved by its unrelentingly-ferocious torrent. Of all the rushed cadence — eddying waves, endless human traffic and ...
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LIFE | Somehow, Somewhere, We Grew Up


Making it as a Freelancer Series: 50 Actionable Tips to Take

Made the decision to be a freelancer? Well there're many things for you to cross off! Here are 50 actionable tips for you to carve out a successful freelance career! General Open the ...
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Freelancing Office Desk

Making It As A Freelancer Series: The Pros and Cons

I was 23 when I became a freelance writer. This decision I made when I was working at a video production house, and I became privy to how much a freelance cameraman ...
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Why I Will Continue to be a P!nk Fan Even When I’m 90.

I still remember the moment I became a P!nk fan. It happened circa the I’m Not Dead era. I was of course familiar with songs from M!ssundaztood, her magnum opus, ...
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My Mother Has Dementia

Soft whimpers emanate from behind a closed door. Those are my cue. I sigh. I steel myself. I pound on the door, like a collector about to barge in. The door ...
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4 Things I Learnt Growing Up in a Broken Home

"Because of you I'm ashamed of my life because it's empty." This line, plucked from Kelly Clarkson's 2004 Because of You, lacerates my heart like a knife every time I ...
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Making it as a Freelancer Series: Brass Tacks on Fees and Your Value

Yes, we freelancers are passionate and yes we love what we do. But ultimately we still need sustenance in order for us to continue doing what we do.  Money is motivation, money is key ...
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FOOD | Only Yummy Food Allowed

Little Bastard Singapore

Hungry for Unapologetic Rebellion? Get Acquainted with Little Bastard

As a Caucasian with a preference for fiery fare and the brilliant inter-mingling of flavours made famous by Peranakan sensibilities, I was drawn to Little Bastard's uniqueness and fresh personality ...
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The Cheese Ark PasarBella Singapore

The Cheese Ark Is a Turophile’s Disneyland

I spotted a yellow neon sign that read “this way to rare cheese”, and my dogged hunt to find The Cheese Ark in PasarBella’s maze of food concepts was ended ...
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GRUB Singapore | Crispy Fish Burger

My Last Meal on Earth Could Have Been at GRUB, and I Would Have Been Okay with That

Right before their executions, prisoners on death row get to request for a special meal. I have always wondered what I would put in my order — that one last ...
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Keith Crackling Roast | PasarBella Singapore

Keith Crackling Roast: Pork Crackling So Beautiful (and Sublime) It Should Be in a Museum, or My Mouth

Few times in my life the words “oh my God”, wrought of unbridled bliss, escaped my lips when I ate a dish: The first time I sank my ivories into ...
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Sedap Dan Sihat  | Halal Steam Potting

Sedap Dan Sihat: Fresh Seafood and Flavourful Meats at This Halal Steam-potting Restaurant

Vapour plumes escaped the lid, billowing like steam emanating from a geyser. In Iceland I was not; rather I was ensconced in the nearly-four-month-old Sedap Dan Sihat at Vista Point ...
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Ming Mun | Singapore

Ming Mun: Elusive Roast Goose Found in a Coffee Shop

When I was in Switzerland bereft of access to passable Chinese food, the memory of roast meats — oh, the sweet, glistening skin! —  haunted me. I was eager to ...
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